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OG Kush Feminized


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OG Kush feminized is an enormous hybrid strain for pain relief and insomnia. OG Kush Feminized has approximately 24% THC levels which produce an elevated that is uplifting, followed by a deeply relaxing body high. The exact origin of OG remains masked in mystery to this day. Others say that it’s a clone-only diversity related to the legendary Chemdawg strain establish in a bag of weed brought to a Grateful Dead concert in the 1980s. You see it is quite complicated but also part of what makes this strain so intriguing. Buy OG Kush Feminized GENETICS OF OG KUSH But if you believe the original story from Florida OG Kush is a cross of a strain from Northern California with diversity from the Hindu Kush. Many modern seedbanks claim that OG Kush is a cross between Chemdawg, Lemon Thai, and Pakistani Kush, but a lot of people seem to consider the bagsied theory, meaning that OG Kush is in essence a extraordinary Chemdawg phenotype that became further stabilized and superior over the years. One consistency in these origin stories is the inclusion of some form of Chemdawg, so one could think that her genes include a portion of the legendary OG. Today most versions of OG Kush like SFV OG, Larry OG, Tahoe OG, Ghost OG, etc are probable just exact phenotypes of the creative OG. Buy OG Kush Feminized Another feature that sparked fairly some discussion is the source of the abbreviation “OG”. Today it seems to be frequent knowledge that “OG” really means “ocean grown”, referring to the strain’s hypothetical origin on the Californian West Coast. THC:24.00 % CBD:1.00 % Type: Feminised

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